Dear brother , dear visitor!

On behalf of all the brothers we warm and brotherly welcome you all on the official website of the Grand Lodge of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Austria . We intend to provide all masons with the opportunity to get in contact, to learn about events and programs at our lodges or chat in closed chat rooms with other Freemasons.

Especially we glad about the visit of yet standing apart. We invite you to inform yourself on public web pages about us and our concerns.

Freemasonry: Their definitions are legion , their importance varied and often controversial. But among the many conflicting definitions has Freemasonly endures time, from the old  brotherhoods of the Ancients , the Templar Knights and Dombaumeister to today's modern lodges: Freemasonry is the search for truth and beauty , according to the sublime , spiritual and creative . Freemasonry is the search and the way perfecting our self to the best that creation provided. We feel the obligation and the responsibility to look within ourselves , to cultivate and care for what everyone gets from creation in the form of his own personality completing our own edification and serving the public.

Some of our lodges work in German , French and Hungarian , and lodges also maintain branches outside of Austria.

All visitors to our sites again a warm greeting!

The Grand Master of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Austria